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Our 2015 Smoking Loon “Blue Loon” Moscato opens with enticing aromas of honeysuckle, overripe honeydew melon, sundried apricot and a touch of honey, peach and mandarin. The palate presents ripe melon, peach nectar and orange blossom honey. The bright flavors and refreshing acidity make this Moscato the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of foods. Enjoy our “Blue Loon” Moscato with brunch, light chicken or sh dishes or summer appetizers. It’s also delicious served with biscotti, creamy desserts, or fresh fruits such as yellow or white peaches.


For the 2015 Smoking Loon “Blue Loon” Moscato our winemakers sourced grapes from Paso Robles, located along California’s Central Coast roughly mid-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Paso Robles AVA is characterized by a wide diversity of soil types, ranging from weathering granite and serpentine to shale and limestone, and it is not uncommon for several different soil types to be present in the same vineyard site. Climatically, the area is known for huge diurnal (day to night) temperature swings—as much as 40 to 50 degrees—during the growing season. This is brought about by a break in the coastal mountain range known as the Templeton Gap, which allows coastal air and fog inland to alleviate the sweltering mid-day temperatures.


In Paso Robles, four years of drought and unseasonably cold weather in May 2015 impacted berry set but the weather during veraison was mild, preserving color development of most Bordeaux and Rhone varietals. Cabernet Sauvignon yields were dramatically down, while other varietals were about 10% lower than last year. Paso Robles’ cool summer weather, combined with a small crop, led to wines with concentrated flavors and color densities. A significant amount of rain in July probably saved the season, giving vines just enough water to sustain growth through the summer. Temperature spikes in August and September ensured a perfect level of ripeness and smooth tannins in this vintage.

7.5 g/L
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